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SHOKEI productions

shokei productions
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graphics: j-rock/visual kei, anime/manga, games || icons, headers, wallpapers etc

Welcome to shokei_inc. This is the graphics community of me, sho-king and my friend tri-kei.
shokei_inc features j-rock/vk-bands, anime/manga and games-related graphics, such as icons (mostly), livejournal layout headers, friends only banner, wallpaper etc.
We hope you enjoy your stay ♥

Please join us if you like our work to stay up-to-date!!

01. Credit us.
You can either credit shokei_inc or our personal journals.
But please do not claim our work as your own!

02. Don't hotlink.
Please save them and upload to your own servers or photobucket.

03. Don't edit.
Unless stated otherwise our graphics are not bases.

Comments are ♥.
Have fun and enjoy. ★

+ velvet graphics
+ toorimichi
+ utatsuki
+ nyappy graphics
+ chiizuru
+ glass x wings

Wanna affiliate with us? Please send us a message!
contact: shokei_productions [at] dreamscometrue [dot] de
or leave us a comment on this entry ♥

version 1.0 - [ayabie]

        online since: 2008.02.09